October 9, 2019

Hello All. Please be aware that we will be hosting a juiour tournament, with play starting tomorrow (Friday) and continuing throughout the weekend. Matches will start each day at 11am. During the tournament period there will be at least 1 court open for play on a first come. first serve basis.

Just a reminder that club is now closed for the season and all play is on a first come, first serve basis.

Happy Thanksgiving,
BTC Executive

September 30, 2019

Hi all. As of today the Club has closed for the season and the clubhouse has been shut down and the water has been shut-off. Given the weather forecast for this week the lights for courts 1-3 will remain functional, however courts 4-6 will not have lights. As of this coming weekend all court lights will be shut-off.

We hope you enjoyed your season this year and look forward to seeing you again in May 2020.

All the best,
BTC Board of Directors

September 11, 2019

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying this last bit of late summer weather. Just a quick reminder that we are in fall hours now, meaning the clubhouse is only open weekday mornings and Tuesday and Friday night round robins. League teams should contact Victor to ensure the clubhouse will be open for your home matches.

You may have noticed that our court light upgrade on courts 1-3 is complete and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Although some city trees need to be cut back, the light intensity is higher and more even which is costing us less on the hydro bill. Along with rewiring all the post-heads the broken fixtures and burned out bulbs were replaced on courts 4-6; we retained the better fixtures and working bulbs for repair and replacement inventory to save on the costs of keep the existing lights operational. We also moved the court light switches to face the lobby area to make it more convenient to turn the court lights on. Going forward, courts 1-3 will see primary use night use (hydro cost savings) while lights on courts 4-6 will be turned on when there is court demand.

Our Club Tournament is well underway. The finals will be played on Saturday, Sept 14th starting at 9a. Come out and cheer on our players...Good luck to everyone!

As I'll be leaving the President's post this will be my last email to all of you. It is my hope that you've enjoyed coming to the club and continue to do so to play tennis, meet other members, involve your children in our summer camps to introduce them to this sport or watch our high-performance juniors practice in the afternoons. Thank you to the Club Executive volunteers for their support, time, efforts and interest in Club, it's been my pleasure to work with you. And to the membership, all the best to you and have a great fall season of tennis...some nets will likely be up through to the end of October for the diehards!

Brian Opitz

August 29, 2019

Hi all, a quick reminder about our BBQ tomorrow as a lead-in to the Friday nite round robin..dinner starts @ 6:30p!

August 22, 2019

If you're interested in seeing an exhibition match featuring some former top ATP players the Ontario Tennis Association is offering member clubs discounted tickets. See details below.

Hello OTA Member Club Executives;

Please feel free to share the information below with your club members:

OTA Discount for RPIA Championship, Sept. 26 at Mattamy Centre

This year's RPIA Championships is scheduled for September 26 at Ryerson's Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto. The announced players for the event are Andy Roddick, James Blake, Jim Courier and Mark Phillippoussis. There is a special discount for OTA club members. Use promo code OTA for a 10% discount when purchasing tickets in most sections, by phone or on-line. For more tournament information and to purchase tickets, click here. The RPIA Championship is part of the Invesco Series - learn more at www.invescoseries.com.


Peter Malcomson
Marketing Manager
Ontario Tennis Association

August 22, 2019

WOW! Are we really at the end of August already....where did the summer go? Hopefully everyone had an amazing summer of playing tennis and to celebrate our season we are hosting an end of summer BBQ on Friday, August 30th starting at 6:30p; see the attached flyer. Following the BBQ will have our usual Friday round robing.

See you there

August 16, 2019

Hi everyone. Our neighbours, Burlington Lawn Bowling Club, will be hosting a National Championship next week, beginning on Monday. Expect that the southend parking lot will be full throughout the week. Therefore parking can be had north of the courts, behind the arena and library area. PLEASE DON'T PARK AT THE YMCA, although super convenient it is a private lot for Y members only and they will keep an eye on who's using their lot and will ticket and tow. BTC does not have any relationship with the Y so "fore warned is fore armed"!


August 11, 2019

Hi all. It's that time again to test your skills against other members in our annual club tournament. We have posted the sign-up sheets in the clubhouse, back wall on the main floor, for men's and ladies singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. The deadline for signing up is Wednesday, August 21st. Finalists will receive gift cards and the category winners' names will be added to the Club's winner list located on the second floor.

Good luck everyone!

August 5, 2019

Happy holiday Monday everyone. Quite a busy morning today with a host of doubles going on and a couple of our high performance juniors practicing to show us how it's really done!

We are holding our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 19th at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs lounge of the clubhouse. There will be several Board positions to be filled: membership (including registration), communications, website, clubhouse and courts operations (including junior program coordination), vice president and president. If you interested in any of the these volunteer positions and want to know about the responsibilities and time commitment, please reply to this email I will be in touch. Without volunteers there is no club so if you enjoy coming out to play then a bit of your time and effort goes a long way. See you on the 19th!

Many of you have no doubt watched and been amazed at the abilities of many of our junior players. Of note, Ariana Arseneault, 5th ranked U18 nationally & 775 WTA rank, won her pre-qualification matches for the Rogers Cup qualification tournament that took place this past weekend. In her first round match her opponent was Christina McHale, 105 WTA. After a very close first set, Ariana lost (5-7, 2-6). Not bad for a first time in the big league against a seasoned professional, and this after elbow surgery early this year. Lots of positive take aways from the weekend and future certainly looks bright.

Also want to mention 3 other junior girls who have been training at our club the past 3 seasons and have gained full tennis scholarships. Tied for National Adult ranking at 22, Alexandra Mikhailuk and Oleksandra (Sasha) Gorchanyuk are both headed south to attend Mississippi State and Kansas State, respectively. As well, Rita Colyer, ranked 44th nationally, and who is leading some of our junior camp classes, will be returning to the U of San Francisco for her second year. All the best to Alex, Sasha and Rita for a successful college tennis season.

Lastly, we are delayed a few more weeks for the install as we await the correct brackets for the LED lighting upgrade. One light was installed to test the system and lighting with positive results. If you've played during the evening the LED fixture that is installed does provide an amazing brightness and is virtually immediate intensity once turned on. The future does look bright!....sorry, couldn't resist......

Enjoy the rest of your holiday Monday if you have one and see you around the courts.

Brian Opitz, President

July 25, 2019

Hi again, a quick note to advise that the install will begin tomorrow, Friday, morning and run through the weekend. Please be mindful of the work taking place and stay clear, other courts will be open for play... wherever the mechanical lift is means that court is closed for play. Should your ball happen to roll under the lift please leave it and get another ball from the free ball box in the clubhouse or ask our Pro or one of the junior coaches for an additional ball. This is for your and the installers safety.

Thank you
BTC Executive

July 24, 2019

Hi all, just a quick reminder about our patio social at the Beaver & Bulldog tomorrow nite from 7-9p. Hope to see you there.

Also, our new LED lighting has arrived and the retrofit for courts 1-3 is planned to begin this weekend. For player safety please respect the area that is restricted during the retrofit. We anticipate only 1 court at a time will need to be shutdown so there will be ample courts available for play.

BTC Executive

July 16, 2019

Hi everyone. Now that we are officially into summer weather we have planned a patio event at a downtown watering hole to enjoy some beverages and get together, please see the attached flyer. Join us at the Beaver and Bulldog (B&B Taps &Grill) 2020 Lakeshore Road, next to the Waterfront Hotel at Lakeshore and Brant.

Hope to see you there!
BTC Exec.

June 25, 2019

Hi all, hope you're enjoying what's finally become summer! This weekend is Canada Day and once again the Club is hosting a celebration during this Friday's round robin. Come and play, wear your best red threads and be ready to eat cake! We'll take a break around 8p for the celebratory knosh...

Just a quick note on our lighting retrofit and court conditions. The LED lights for the courts 1-3 retrofit should be delivered by the beginning of next month. Once that happens the install will take place. The install schedule will be communicated, but is planned to take less than a week.

Members have been questioning the dark spots on courts 1-3. It is due to grime, standing water over the offseason, a bit of the pine trees, mildew, soot...a combination of things. We have in the past used a pressure sprayer, you can see the lines on courts 2 & 3, but that causes damage to the paint and removes a portion of the grit that is mixed with the surface paint making the surface slicker. This season we have gone to hard brushes and chemical applications, including bleach, to mitigate the stains...you may have seen some of us out in the rain brushing down the courts. It has helped some but the stains are still there.

It's been 16+ years since the courts were rebuilt and it is apparent that they need to be redone. We have submitted a request for a Trillium grant and we'll see what happens. In the meantime we will do what we can to make the courts look better.

That's it for now, see you on Friday...cakes up!


May 28, 2019

Hi everyone. We are continuing to do what we can to address the dark stained areas on the court surface making them extremely slippery when moist, in particular on courts 1-3. Pressure washing, as was done a couple of years ago, is the least advisable option as it not only removes some of the surface paint but also some of the grit that is mixed to provide grip. This makes the courts even more slippery.

Given the surface area, we are focusing on the direct playing and surrounding areas. Over the last week we have used various cleaning solutions with stiff brushes and lots of elbow grease. This has reduced some of the deeper stains but they are still there. To the extent possible, given the available water hoses, we try to rinse the courts, but we cannot guarantee our ability to completely wash everything...today's rain will be a big help.

Be advised that cleaning residue will likely remain until we have another good course of rain; the forecast indicates showers for the next couple of days. As you would when the courts are damp or wet please use caution as the surface is slippery. We are not certain how much cleaning solution residue remains and the impact when the surface gets moist. It is always advisable to check the playing surface, even when dry, and stop playing once rain begins to fall. It only takes a bit of moisture to make the court surface incredibly slippery. Play safe, stay safe.


May 13, 2019

Hi everyone....is the outdoor season ever going to start?! Just a quick note for any intermediate player who wants to sign-up for Team 3. Again, due to the weather, tonite's sign-up/play is being postponed to this Thursday...fingers crossed...from 7-8p. If you are interested but cannot attend, please contact John Kemp, captain, at john.kemp@jkcl.ca in order to be added to the list.

Thanks and stay dry folks!

April 24, 2019

Hi all. Since the evening temperatures are still dipping down to single digits the scheduled events tonite and tomorrow evening will be postponed to May 10 & 11.


April 19, 2019

This is a quick reminder that reduced membership pricing ends on April 28th, next Sunday! Why not take advantage of a rainy, non-tennis conducive day and register online TODAY. We will hold a one-day, in-person, registration on Saturday, April 27th, at the clubhouse between 10a - 2p. This is a good time to get info about programs, lessons, clinics, junior summer camps, adult or junior competitive opportunities, etc. For in-person registration we accept cash (exact change please) or personal cheques.

We are continuing with our clean-up and have installed some nets for play; gate key is required for access prior to opening day...lock up when done. Let's hope for some nicer weather leading into opening day to knock off some off-season rust! Next week we'll have League tryout meet and greets, see the calendar for days and times. Please ensure you have registered prior to attending, only 2019 members are invited to attend.

Our court lighting L.E.D. retrofit is proceeding with a light intensity assessment completed this week. As we all know we have really bright, some bright and dim areas which are further affected by ongoing bulb burnouts. This includes some bulbs that were replaced last season and a direct result of previously reported degradation caused by age and weathering. We look forward to completing the upgrade and another 50+ years of successful operation.

This will be the last communication to our 2018 members. We look forward to seeing you again this season! Happy tennis-ing.

Burlington Tennis Club

April 8, 2019

Hello everyone. With today's tantalizing taste of warmer weather and anticipation for tennis to begin at BTC on Monday, April 29th, we want to remind you that our online registration is open and early bird prices up to opening day, just follow the link: http://btc1.ca/membership.html

We will be hosting an in-person registration day at the clubhouse on April 27th, from 10a - 2p.

Exciting News!! This season the club will be making a major facility investment with the retrofit of its court lighting to an LED system...the nights won't just be bright on Broadway!!!

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be cleaning up the courts and installing nets. All 2018 members are welcome to come and play as long as you have an access key. Keys are available for $5 either at the in-person registration or any time after opening day.

Look forward to seeing you this season!

March 8, 2019

Hi everyone! Although there’s still that white stuff on the ground we’re looking ahead to spring, warmer temperatures and opening day on April 29th at BTC for the 2019 season.

Our website has been updated, our calendar has much of this coming season’s program information listed. Returning once again will be Victor Hoang, Club Manager/Pro, and Assistant Pro, and Falvia Nayagama, who are excited to be back to run programs, get your game in gear and get you fit!

More importantly our 2019 online registration is OPEN (www.btc1.ca) and recommend you use this convenient service on the website, as have over 75% of our members last season. Our early bird reduced membership rates will be in effect until April 28th. The in-person registration day will be confirmed as we get closer to April and have a better sense about the weather…good weather brings in more members! You can also drop a sealed envelope with your registration form and cheque in our mailbox located at the front of the building.

We released a member survey at the end of January and thanks to everyone who took the few minutes to complete it. Our response rate was 28% of all adult and family members (population size = 289); for privacy reasons the club does not retain junior contact information and were excluded from the survey. Here’s what we heard from you:

  • Over 85% play tennis for recreation, second is playing to stay fit (62%) and having social time is third (43%); less than 28% play competitively
  • Preferred playing time is nearly equally split between morning and evening
  • Members join for 3 main reasons: live in proximity, friends are members, and club programs
  • 63% say our junior program is extremely or very important
  • 60% would pay more for services rather than volunteer
  • Over 80% do not want to change the current court booking system (every hour and on the half-hour, 3x3)
  • Over 95% enjoy playing at BTC
  • Over 90% will rejoin BTC

The survey has answered some questions for the Executive regarding volunteerism, court booking, programs and appreciation for our junior program. Consequently, the Club will:

  • Continue with our junior tennis program of free May lessons, drop-in clinics, summer camps and high-performance junior training
  • Keep the existing court booking system
  • Adding a clubhouse fee to eliminate the need for volunteer gardening and grass cutting services

You will see a slight increase, 13% to be exact, in the membership fees beginning this season and represents the addition of HST “onto” the fee. This has been done to eliminate the tax hit to our base revenue when we need it most during our operating season. The HST rebate will then be deposited into our reserve fund. This is inline with the Board’s practice of applying all end of season savings, minus off-season costs (hydro basically), toward the infrastructure investment fund (IIF) for capital improvements.

Regarding the IIF, the Club has been successful enough over the last 3 years such that the Executive is planning to undertake an L.E.D. court lighting retrofit. Last year’s lighting maintenance identified that our court lighting system is showing its age, 50 years to be exact (!), and shortly after that work some of the replaced bulbs began burning out again. The Executive is currently in the planning stages for this upgrade and will provide updates as it moves ahead toward a brighter and more cost-effective future!!

Our club adult programs will continue to be offered this season, including new drop-in clinics for beginners, intermediates and doubles aficionados! All junior members will receive 4 free lessons and new adult members get 2 free lessons in May…a great value for joining.

As the weather continues to get warmer, we will be getting the courts ready for play; some new windscreens for this season. Although the clubhouse will remain closed and the court lights will be off until our April 29th opening day, you can use the courts as long as you have a key to unlock the gate. Keys will be available after opening day for $5.

Looking forward to another great season of tennis at BTC. See you on the courts!

BTC Executive

January 18, 2019

Hello all and Happy New Year! As part of our preparation for the upcoming season we would appreciate your response to our survey. It's short, 10 questions that will take less than a few minutes. Click on the link below and provide us with the benefit of your opinion.


Thank you in advance for your input and expect a notice in the next several weeks regarding the opening of the 2019 online registration...only 14.5 weeks to opening day!!

Burlington Tennis Club