1. Members may book a court by placing their member name tag on the tag board for next available timeslot, advance (reserve) booking beyond the next available timeslot is not permitted.
2. A court may be booked for the next available time slot by a member who is at the courts when the time slot is tagged and posts their member name tag for that court plus at least one other member.
3. If at least two members are not entering the booked court at the slotted time, any two other members may tag up and play on that court.
4. Members playing on courts and wishing to continue playing a second hour may not book the second hour until five minutes after the next available time slot for that court (either on the hour for courts 1-3, or on the half hour for courts 4-6).
5. Members booked for the next time slot can be bumped from the next time slot if they are playing on court more than fifteen minutes ahead of their slotted time. If at least one member on court has their name in the next time slot and is currently playing more than fifteen minutes early on any court, all members playing with that individual can be bumped from the next time slot.
6. When the Club is unlocked and opened at 9 a.m., members on courts 1-3 have first priority to book courts 1-3 as long as they enter the clubhouse with the other members (members can purchase a court gate lock key from the Club Pro); members already playing on courts 4-6 may stay on until 9:30a.m. without tagging their names and must give way to members who are properly booked at 9:30a.m. Members may tag courts 4-6 for courts 4-6 on a “first come first booked” basis (as long as both players are present).
7. House Leagues have first right to courts 1-4 (Lakeshore) for regularly scheduled games and rainouts on Monday or Wednesday evenings by indicating those games as posted on the monthly online calendar. Practices must be booked by following normal tagging procedures.
8. Round Robins on Tuesdays & Fridays 7-9p.m. have first right to all six courts at any time between 6:30-9:30p.m.
9. Round Robins Tuesday and Thursdays 9-11a.m. have first right to courts 2-5 anytime between 9-11a.m.
10. Members wishing to play in the evening round robins cannot be tagged up to play in the time slot before the round robins start and play in the first round. If they are tagged up before the round robins start, they must sit out the first half hour of play.
11. Members playing in the round robin in the 8:30-9p.m. time slot may not book a court at 9p.m. until five minutes after next available time slot for that court (see #4).
12. Junior members have equal rights to adult members to booking courts weekdays from opening until 6p.m. and on weekends at any time.
13. Junior members playing with adult members cannot be bumped at any time.
14. If all courts are booked and adult members are waiting to play, junior members playing with other junior members may be bumped from a court weeknights from 6p.m. to close, unless playing with an adult (see #13).
15. Court 6 is reserved for lessons by the Club Pro, unless Court 1 is not in use by members (except for Round Robin and House League play). Should the Club Pro require additional courts, one (1) court in addition to either Court 1 or 6 may be booked for one (1) hour if no other members wish to use the court. Any ongoing requirement for additional court time (lessons, clinics, etc.) require the advance approval from the Club Executive.