Single Ladder

This is for people looking for competitive single games with all players divided into groups of 6 players. Each player should try to organize their matches with all other players at least one match within month. Matches are played to a maximum of 8 games for a win and the time limit is 1 hour(or both agree to continue until finish when court is open). A tie-breaker is played at 7-7 to determine winner (time permitting). Winner should email the score for convener after the matches and result will be posted in google doc online.

If you play more than 4 matches, your lowest score will not be counted. An average per session score is then calculated and the top 2 players in a GROUP move up to upper group, the lowest 2 players moves down to lower group. The middle score(s) stay in the same group.

Please contact Convener Michael Li at Michael Li if you would like to sign-up.