The competitive ladder is open to any BTC member who enjoys competitive singles and who can commit to playing a minimum of 2 matches per month. Rules are outlined below:

1. We run the BOX SYSTEM for the Competitive Singles Ladder. Five (5) players will be placed in each Box based upon the Head Pro’s assessment of their ability. Boxes will be set up in descending order of assessed ability.
2. You must play a MINIMUM of TWO (2) Ladder matches per month, otherwise you will be automatically relegated to the next lowest Box.
3. At the end of each month, the Ladder Coordinator will calculate your average score from matches played. The 2 players with the Top Average Score will be promoted to the next highest Box (if they are already in Box #1, they will stay there). The 2 players with the lowest average score will be relegated to the next lowest Box unless there are players who did not meet the minimum of 2 matches played & they are automatically relegated.
4. The Boxes will only be changed monthly.
5. Arrange your own matches. If you are called to play a match, please arrange a convenient date & time as soon as possible.
6. Ladder matches DO NOT take precedence over League, Tournament or Casual play. If your time is up & you are bumped before finishing, either tag up for the next available court to finish or if mutually agreeable record the score when you stopped.
7. Each player must provide a NEW can of balls for the match (If mutually agreeable, used balls of good condition may be used). The winner takes the unopened can, the loser the used can.
8. A match consists of ONE SET, with a 12 point tie-breaker @ 5 all. Limit your warm-up to 5 minutes.
9. At the end of the match record the score in the appropriate Box.
10. If for some reason you have to temporarily withdraw from the ladder; write WITHDRAWN against your name in the Box.
11. You may join the ladder at anytime by contacting the Head Pro, who will place you in an appropriate Box.
12. To resolve any issues please contact the Head Pro or in his absence the Ladder Coordinator, Ari Khaihra.