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Happy Victoria Day Weekend at Burlington Tennis Club (BTC)

To celebrate, BTC has some exciting announcements and few changes to some of our programs!

BTC Memberships for Adults, Families and Couples are sold out for the 2022 season!  A limited number of Junior Tennis and Pickleball-Only Memberships are still available. 

Pickleball (PB) Court Use

  • Your BTC Tennis Membership includes the use of the Pickleball/Training court for playing Pickleball or practising tennis.
  • Pickleball-Only Members can only book the Pickleball court and not the tennis courts.  Pickleball cannot be played on the tennis courts.
  • When using the court for Tennis practice, please move the Pickleball net aside. It cannot be used as tennis net.
  • Book all courts by logging into your account and using the online system.
  • The PB court cannot be booked during club tournaments or other booked programs taking place on this court.

Launching BTC’s Mixed Ladder League for Singles Matches

  • Interested in matching yourself against other BTC singles players?  Then register in BTC’s Ladder League and check out the rules, posted online.
  • To assist the League Coordinator with grouping players of similar levels, include your Tennis Canada Playing Level and availability. 
  • Points are earned for the game, ties and wins. Every month the points in each division, or “box’ are tallied and players move up or down, accordingly.
  • It’s a great way to hone your singles tennis skills and meet others.

BTC Program Changes starting June 1:

  • Mini Tennis Round Robin:  moves to Thursdays, starting June 2 and will run for 2 hours (from 7pm to 9pm) on 2 courts (5 and 6). This program helps beginning players practise their tennis playing skills in a relaxed, supportive setting.
  • Summer, Social Round Robin nights: starting Friday, June 3, Tuesdays and Fridays, with 2 sessions — Early and Late.  The Early session starts at 7pm and is under 3.5 level players; the Late session starts at 8:30 pm for players at 3.5 +. Sessions run on Tuesdays and Fridays on ALL 6 courts, adding more spaces to this popular program.
  • Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) Tournament this holiday weekend. On Sunday and Monday, ACE Tennis is hosting a national, qualifier tournament at our club this weekend for U18 girls. Come out and watch Canada’s talented female tennis players. Details can be found at: https://ota.tournamentsoftware.com/tournament/47F0A6AD-B30A-44B5-A4C0-C701F27160B8

Registration opens up for all programs 7 days prior, at 7 am. through Club Sign-up Programs.

Our Members Ask….

  1. So many programs refer to “playing level”. How do I know what mine is?

If you are taking lessons, ask one of our ACE coaches to assess you.  Or refer to Tennis Canada’s “Play Tennis” self-rating guide, available on our booking system (see Documents to Download) and posted in the clubhouse.  

  • Is there a dress code? 

This is tennis, not golf!  Still, we recommend tennis appropriate attire and require non-marking tennis shoes

  • Does BTC have a Code of Conduct for members?

The Code of Conduct is posted on the Court 1 gate. It states who is allowed on the courts (no pets), keeping courts safe, tidy and free of used tennis balls and good behaviour among players, including civil language, mutual respect, general etiquette (not disrupting other players) and overall courteousness.  

  • How do I avoid disrupting other courts when arriving for my game?

Always enter the courts by the gate closest to your court.  Wait for a break in play to enter the courts, for the safety of all players. Visually connect with players.

  • What if a ball comes onto my court or mine goes onto theirs? 

Wait until there is a break in play to request the return of a ball from another court or to return a ball to another court. Avoid returning a ball while play is in progress on another court.  Send the ball to the player’s racket and not to their feet.

  • What do I do with used tennis balls? 

First, never leave them on the courts as a matter of player safety and courtesy. Do your part by removing unused tennis balls from the courts. Used tennis balls are ideal for practices. Check online for other creative ways to re-use tennis balls and share these. BTC recycles “dead” balls but not through the Blue Box program. Used tennis balls go in the GREEN bin outside the club. They are donated to a network of dog parks and Balls4Eyeballs (Toronto-based non-profit raising money for eye health research).

  • What if I can’t make it to a game?  Let your partner know and CANCEL your court so others can use it.   (You’d be surprised how many other players want your time slot!). Do the same with programs – if you can’t make it – cancel and let another player take your position.

Keep your questions coming by sending them to: Burlingtontennisclub@gmail.com

Enjoy your holiday weekend, hopefully on the courts,

BTC Board

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