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Single Ladder Competiton

This is for people looking for competitive single games with all players divided into groups of 6 players. Each player should try to organize their matches with all other players at least one match within month. Matches are played to a maximum of 8 games for a win and the time limit is 1 hour(or both agree to continue until finish when court is open). A tie-breaker is played at 7-7 to determine winner (time permitting). Winner should email the score for convener after the matches and result will be posted in google doc online.

If you play more than 4 matches, your lowest score will not be counted. An average per session score is then calculated and the top 2 players in a GROUP move up to upper group, the lowest 2 players moves down to lower group. The middle score(s) stay in the same group.

All Inclusive Ladder Competitions

Friendly Environment

All our games are friendly and welcoming. We encourage our members to take part in our friendly enviorment.

Compete with Members

Go head to head with other members in our fast pace Ladder competitions.

Community Strong

All of our events and competitions are put together by our executive committee. Come out for a fun time and to meet other members of our community.

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